How Much Cake Do I Need?

If you’re throwing a big party, the last thing you want to do is run out of cake! But it’s really difficult to know what size to order. Hopefully this guide will help you choose the size that’s right for you.

What size servings do you need?

As a rule, cakes at weddings are cut into much smaller, finger-sized portions we’ll call ‘Wedding Slices‘ – after all, the guests have usually had a substantial meal, so are unlikely to have much room for anything more than a mouthful or two!

At a party, the servings tend to be more generous, more likely to be cut into a triangle or wedge shape, with each portion comprising a part of the side as well as the top, and so a cake cut into “Party Slices” will inevitably not feed as many.

This isn’t an exact science, it obviously depends on the person cutting the cake, but we’ve listed some of the most common sizes below and the equivalent portions to give you an idea. These are all for a standard 4″ deep cake.

Round Cakes

Square Cakes