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Cake Calculator

Cake Calculator

If you’re throwing a party, the last thing you want is to run out of cake!

Cake Serving Calculator

What size slices do I need?

A tiny slice‘ is literally that – just a mouthful or two or cake. Most portions will just have a small bit of icing from the top. Suitable for occasions where guests may have already have eaten a meal, or will be mostly chatting – e.g. at a corporate event.

Wedding cakes are usually cut into small slices. These are slightly more generous than a tiny slice, but are still unlikely to include the side of the cake as well as the top.

Party cake servings are more likely to be triangle or wedge shaped, we term these standard slices. Each portion will comprise a part of the side as well as the top.

If you want to be more generous, you may want to choose party slices. That way you’ll have enough for all your guests to get a decent portion. If shop-bought cakes never deliver the number of servings the box suggests, this is definitely the size for you!

This isn’t an exact science, and obviously depends on who cuts the cake, but we’ve illustrated some of the most common sizes below and the equivalent portions of wedding and party slices to give you an idea.

Round Cakes

Square Cakes