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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Caketu? is an online marketplace, connecting artisan bakers of celebration cakes to customers looking for that perfect cake for a special occasion.

We want to make shopping for cake and providing cake quick and easy for everyone.

Why Caketu?

Better for Customers makes it easy to find the perfect cake by bringing together different makers on a single platform. It’s simple for people to find what they want; they can search by flavour or style, limit options so only cakes available for the date they need are shown, and only within a limited radius. There’s also the reassurance of reviews by verified customers only.

Better for Bakers

We want to make it simple for bakers to have an online shop where they can accept orders, any time of day, and where they can communicate easily and effectively with their customers, control their order book, and spend more time doing what they actually love – baking!

Better for Everyone!

Gone are the days of finding a baker by asking for recommendations in Facebook groups, in the school playground, or scouring Instagram, and then having to contact multiple people via text, phone, or online messages to try to arrange the cake you want. Gone is the need for bakers to have to monitor these multiple platforms and juggle queries via phone, text message, Instagram, Facebook messenger, interrupting their flow. Gone is need to settle for a lacklustre supermarket cake because arranging an amazing cake is just too difficult and time-consuming.

Struggle no more, is here!

How do I pronounce Caketu?

Honestly, we don’t mind! In our heads, it’s a combination of ‘Cake To You’ and ‘Cockatoo’. We tend to say ‘Cake-too’, but so long as you remember the name, that’s all that matters!
A sulphur crested cockatoo eating a swirly topped cupcake

Baker Questions

What do I need to sell on

Firstly you need to be an established business with appropriate insurance and a Food Hygiene rating from your local council.

You can read our full Terms & Conditions for Bakers here and more information about joining us on our Become A Seller page.

What are the fees?

We keep it simple. There are no upfront costs to joining and no limit to the number of items you can list for sale on

Just a simple flat rate referral fee on sales plus a payment handling fee to our payment processing partner, Stripe. There’s more detailed information about this on our Become A Seller page.

We think it’s important that we only make money when you do.

What can I sell?

This is a marketplace for cakes and other celebration baked goods. If what you make doesn’t fit that category, then we’re not the platform for you!

What if I have my own website/sell elsewhere?

That’s not a problem! We don’t expect you to be exclusive to We hope and believe that customers will return time and again to because it’s genuinely a decent platform, easy to use, with helpful customer reviews and secure payments, but you’re free to list your bakes anywhere you like!

Why are you only publicising in Birmingham right now?

For us, Birmingham is the perfect place to launch from. We’ve lived in the city for more than two decades ourselves, so it just made sense. But we plan to expand across the UK very soon!

If you’re a baker elsewhere in the UK, you’re still very welcome to sign up for your own store on Caketu.comIt’s free to join, you can list as many cakes as you want for free, you’ll get your own store URL ([your store]), and you can use our booking system to take orders and use our secure card payments system too. We’ve designed to be the perfect, easy to run, easy to manage, online presence for your business.

We just want anyone outside of the West Midlands area to be aware that our promotional efforts (and importantly, advertising budget!) are concentrating in Birmingham to begin with, so we won’t be actively promoting in your area just yet.

Customer Questions

Can you post a cake to me?

Sorry, but very few cakes are postable! Baked goods are fragile things! We don’t want to subject them to long journeys, variable temperatures, and potentially getting smooshed in transit. was set up to connect local people with talented bakers near them, not to offer cake-by-post. That’s why you won’t find any postage charges listed as standard, and the radius search is limited to 20 miles.

Some bakers may offer a delivery option, but that is entirely up to them. and they will set their own delivery charges accordingly – check out their individual store policies for details.

There are tips on how to transport your cake safely here.

A sulphur-crested cockatoo stood next to a 4-tiered cake - via Dall-E

Can I get a cake with a customised message/number/name?


If you search in the menu for Customise My Cake! you’ll see all the options where customisation is offered. Then, when you complete checkout, you just put your message or other instructions in the ‘order notes’ box.

You can also submit a question straight to the baker by using the ‘Ask Baker a Question’ button on every product’s page.

Do you do vegan/gluten-free/egg-free cakes?

Of course! Many bakers offer a variety of different options. 

Search for vegan / gluten-free / eggless etc in the menu, or type specific key words in the search bar to bring up the options.

Can I order a cake for tomorrow? Every cake I look at, tomorrow's date is unavailable

Because the cakes we offer on are freshly baked to order, there’s no ‘stock’ waiting. This means that you get the freshest, most delicious cakes, but it also means that you need to order with enough notice for the baker to make them for you!

You can search by available date, which will limit options to only the cakes available for collection on that day, but the less advance notice you can give, the fewer options there will be. It may be that a Baker further away from you can make a cake more quickly, if you’re able to travel further to collect, have you tried a wider search radius?

I'm not happy with what I ordered

Please reach out to your baker in the first instance as they will be best placed to help you. Also check out their policies in their store.

If you and the baker can’t reach an agreement, feel free to reach out to us at and we’ll try to negotiate with the baker on your behalf, but please be aware that your contract is with them, not the platform, so ultimately the buck stops with them.

Are my financial details secure?

Absolutely! We don’t hold any financial details ourselves. We leave all that to our partner – payment industry giant Stripe to safely collect payments on behalf of the Bakers. is a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1 – the most stringent level of certification available. That way, we can be sure that all transactions are as secure as possible.

What's the best cake?

Well, that very much depends on your personal preferences and mood…

Personally, we love a carrot cake with a cream cheese frosting. But you can’t really go wrong with a decadent, fudgy chocolate cake… and on the other hand, anything fruity, maybe with cherries, or lemon, is nice? Sometimes it’s nice to go simple, with a good old-fashioned Victoria Sponge with fresh cream. And there are some really amazing vegan cakes out there too if cream isn’t your thing…

Basically, we think all cake is good. More cake is better. Hopefully you do too. x

Sulphur-crested cockatoo cupcake