Baked goods are fragile things! This site is set up to connect local people with talented bakers near them, not to offer a cake-by-post service. That’s why you won’t find postage charges listed as standard, and the radius search is limited to 20 miles.

Some bakers may offer a delivery option, but that is entirely up to them, and they will set their own delivery charges accordingly – check out their individual store policies for details.

Collecting your cake

We shouldn’t have to say this, but… once you have collected your purchase – you’re responsible for what happens to it! Neither we at, nor the bakers can accept any responsibility for any damage sustained to products once they’re in your care.

We recommend that you do not place any cakes/cupcakes on a car seat, as they are rarely level. They should be placed either in the boot or the footwell of the car, ideally on a non-slip mat. Extra care should be taken when driving, particularly when cornering, braking, or going over speedbumps.

All products sold on this site are fragile and perishable, and require care and attention when handling, storing, and displaying.

General Transportation Advice

For best results, please check for any additional storage and transportation instructions provided by your baker, but our general advice is as follows:

All products should be placed on a flat surface and stored at room temperature in the packaging provided, unless otherwise stated. They should be kept out of direct sunlight. Freezing or refrigerating is not recommended unless specifically advised. Please note products should be consumed within 2 days.

Just to be clear, neither we, nor the baker, take any responsibility for damage sustained after the product leaves the bakery, but if the unthinkable does happen – contact the baker, they may be able to offer some help and advice for how you can best remedy/patch/hide whatever mishap has befallen it! And remember – cakes are for eating – even if you do accidentally damage it, barring a major catastrophe, it will still taste great!